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now i've got a mind full of wicked designs [entries|friends|calendar]
making sense of nonsense-- pavonine's fic

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[community] Analyzing Vonnegut [22 Mar 2012|10:05pm]

[ mood | happy ]

Title: Analyzing Vonnegut
Fandom: Community (Troy/Abed; PG-13)
Word Count: 7600
Summary: Troy and Abed star as five of the most famous slash pairings ever--Holmes and Watson, Kirk and Spock, the big granddaddies of gay romance. It's fun, entirely fun--until you realize who you truly want to be with, after all.
Author's Notes: Now on Ao3! And I swear I wrote this before I saw Contemporary Impressionists. It's not entirely similar, but... uh. Yeah. The title's a reference to the story's true inspiration, "Who Am I This Time?" by Kurt Vonnegut. Good story, check it out.

In which Troy and Abed are many people before they're finally themselves.Collapse )

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[community] Personal Health and Wellness [30 Nov 2011|03:16pm]

[ mood | good ]

Title: Personal Health and Wellness
Fandom: Community (Jeff-Britta friendship; PG-13)
Word Count: 4700
Summary: Jeff and Britta go shopping together and learn they're not so different at after all. The first few times it's an accident, though, totally.
Author's Notes: Britta and Jeff spells BFF. That is all.

hipsters gonna hipCollapse )

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[community] Common Sleep Disorders [12 May 2011|03:06pm]

[ mood | rushed ]

Title: Common Sleep Disorders
Fandom: Community (pre-Jeff/Annie, if you squint [and I encourage you to squint]; PG-13)
Word Count: 6900
Summary: Annie's been having trouble staying awake this week. In case you were wondering, no, Jeff is not worried about her. Not in the least. And he's not actively going out of his way to find out why she's tired, either. So you can all stop looking at him like that. Any day now.
Author's Notes: Baby's first Community fic! Only, it's technically my second, but the first one wasn't working. So, yeah. Have at it.

This is a cut text, because I'm rushed for time here.Collapse )

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